AEPAC’s Statement on the Formation of a New UN Investigative Commission

We strongly believe the international community must do more to investigate and stop the TPLF’s continuing atrocities, particularly in the Afar and Amhara regions. We hope a newly formed investigative commission will do just that. However, at the same time, it must not impede or delay Ethiopia’s acknowledged attempts to bring to account those who’ve committed crimes.

“We are encouraged that the Ethiopian Government was widely thanked during this special session for its committed cooperation with the UNHRC and human rights investigations to date. Yet again, the TPLF was called out at the UN for their absence of engagement on human rights issues and more generally. The TPLF started this senseless conflict and are responsible for continuing it. We have been very vocal with our view that the international community must throw more support behind the democratically elected government of Ethiopia to bring this conflict to a peaceful end.