Worldwide Ethiopian Action Fund

Welcome to the Worldwide Ethiopian Action Fund!

Worldwide Ethiopian Action Fund (WEAF) is a 501 (c) (4) non-profit organization established and registered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in May 2021. According to its bylaws, the purpose of WEAF is “to engage in fund raising, lobbying, public relations and communication activities related to Ethiopia. Such activities are aimed at strengthening and promoting the historical relations between Ethiopia and the United States of America.”

What is the relationship between AEPAC and WEAF?

AEPAC and WEAF are two sister organizations which are independent of each other with different bylaws. AEPAC activities are governed and regulated by the laws and regulations of the US Federal Election Commission (FEC). WEAF, on the other hand, is governed and operated under the laws and rules of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. AEPAC’s fund raising process is regulated and its activities are defined which is different from WEAF. AEPAC receives donations from US citizens and US legal residents or Green Card holders only. Donation to AEPAC is done on individual basis and maximum donation is $5,000.00 in a calendar year. However, there are no such restrictions to donate to WEAF. Individuals and organizations from in the United States and other parts of the world can donate any amount of their choice to WEAF. There is no US citizenship or legal residence restrictions to donate to WEAF.

How is WEAF fund governed?

All of the money donated to WEAF will be used exclusively to pursue the organization’s objectives. WEAF has hired a legal firm to help in managing contributions and disbursements. WEAF publishes its timely financial reports and its audit reports as part of its transparency and accountability commitment. WEAF Board of Directors and Executive Officers are responsible for overall management and other activities.

How can I donate to WEAF?

Donations can be made at the following link: