Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is AEPAC?

The American Ethiopian Public Affairs Committee (AEPAC) is dedicated to promote positive and synergistic relationship between the United States and Ethiopia. AEPAC’s core mission is to strengthen and enhance the century-old relationship between the United States and Ethiopia. AEPAC is a voluntary, non-profit, non-connected, public affairs organization that is not affiliated with any political party or with any specific candidate for election.

What is the Mission of AEPAC?

The mission of AEPAC is to:

  • strengthen and foster the U.S.-Ethiopia relationship;
  • promote democracy, respect for human rights, entrepreneurship and free market economy and US security and business interest in the African continent;
  • enhance Ethiopia’s role as an anchor of regional stability and a proponent of multiparty democracy.

AEPAC aims to create an active dialogue between the U.S. administration, legislators, and civil society leaders to ensure Ethiopia’s strategic importance as a reliable and dependable US ally continues to be recognized. We join hands with Partner organizations to organize and mobilize Ethiopian Americans and like-minded voters of all race and creed across the United States to lobby Republicans, Democrats and Independents to pursue a shared mission of strengthening and expanding the U.S.-Ethiopia relationship.

Who are members of AEPAC?

AEPAC is a membership organization composed of pro-Ethiopian American citizens, legal residents and American friends of Ethiopia with different backgrounds, religions and political affiliations with a shared goal of strengthening and expanding the U.S.-Ethiopia relationship.

How does AEPAC work?

AEPAC solicits donations from its members and supporters for the purpose of contributing to federal and state candidates for seats in the United States House of Representatives, United States Senate and state elective offices, who support AEPAC mission. AEPAC Board of Directors shall determine how funds shall be distributed taking into account whether the proposed recipient shares positions consistent with the purpose and objectives of AEPAC. AEPAC may also make contributions to registered political Committees established by federal candidates, national party political Committees, Presidential candidates, trade associations, and interest groups. AEPAC encourages its members and supporters to engage in political process including active participation in elections as candidates, voters and campaigners.

Is AEPAC a legal, registered entity in the US?

APEC is registered by the US Federal Election Commission (FEC). It is established pursuant to the terms of the Federal Election Campaign Act (“FECA”), as amended, and as codified in 52 U.S.C. 30101, et seq.  AEPAC is a voluntary, non-profit, non-connected, unincorporated, public affairs organization with perpetual existence. AEPAC is not affiliated with any political party or with any specific candidate for election.

When was AEPAC established?

AEPAC was established in March 2021 in response to deteriorating US-Ethiopia political relations caused by lack of recognition among some US officials and legislatures of the strong strategic partnership between United States and Ethiopia. AEPAC works to maintain and enhance bilateral relations by providing balanced and credible information. AEPAC encourages both sides to overcome short term issues and pursue a strategic partnership that will serve the long term mutual interest of the two nations.

How is AEPAC governed? 

AEPAC leadership consists of AEPAC Board of Directors and Executive Officers elected in accordance with AEPAC Bylaw. The Board of Directors is the highest decision-making body and the Officers, who are also Board Members, are mandated to perform day to day functions of the organization.

Why should I join or contribute to AEPAC?

By joining AEPAC and becoming a contributor, you will support the healthy and synergistic relationship that existed for over a century between the US and Ethiopia. You will also join the united voices that strive to influence US policy towards Ethiopia by working with all Americans who advocate and support the cause of peace, stability, economic prosperity and multi-party democracy in Ethiopia. You will also invest in creating an institution that serves as an umbrella platform, which promotes  long term strategic relationship that benefits the peoples of the United States and Ethiopia. 

What is the source of fund for AEPAC?

AEPAC is funded through voluntary individual contributions from its members and supporters who are US citizens and Green Card holders. As explained above the funds will be used for the purpose of contributing to federal and state candidates for seats in the United States House of Representatives, United States Senate, and state elective offices. Funds will not be used different purposes which are prohibited by law.    

Who can join AEPAC? 

Only U.S. citizens or lawfully admitted permanent residents (i.e., Green card holders) are eligible to join AEPAC membership and make donation to AEPAC. US citizens living abroad will be asked for a copy of their passport photo page to ensure compliance with federal election law. You can go to the website ( and become a member by clicking “Join AEPAC”.

Who are AEPAC partners? What are the criteria to become AEPAC partner? 

AEPAC Partners are like-minded civic, community, lobbying and professional organizations who subscribe to and support the mission of AEPAC in advancing the mutual interests of Ethiopia and the United States and promote the sovereignty and integrity of Ethiopia. Partners cannot be members and they cannot contribute to AEPAC as an organized group. Their members can join AEPAC and they can make individual contribution. 

Potential partners can join hands with AEPAC:

  • to encourage their members to join AEPAC;
  • in membership recruitment drive and resource solicitations;
  • to advocate or advance US-Ethiopian relations;
  • where possible, assist in fund raising and participate to support the mission of AEPAC advocacy through the legislative and executive policy process; and
  • to help create and sustain a broader network of support groups and alliances to facilitate greater American-Ethiopian community engagement and outreach.

 What are the criteria to be members and to contribute to AEPAC?

The criteria include:

  1. Contributions should be made only from own personal financial accounts, with own personal credit card or personal checks. Members cannot make contribution with a corporate or business credit card or from a card issued to another person.
  2. Members should not take money provided by another person or entity for the purpose of making this contribution.
  • Contributors should be at least eighteen years old.
  1. Contributor should not be a federal contractor.
  2. Contributions from corporations and federal contractors are prohibited.

How can I Donate to AEPAC?

You may donate through any one of the following:

Online by Credit card on AEPAC website using the “Donate Now” and follow the instruction;

Check: Mailing your personal check in the name of “The American-Ethiopian Public Affairs Committee (AEPAC)” to the following address:

Ballard Spahr, LLP
Suite # 1909
K Street NW #1100, Washington, DC 20005

Bank Wire by using the account information below:

Name of Bank: PNC Bank
Account Title: American Ethiopian Public Affairs Committee
Account No: 8523562498
Routing Number: 031000053 

Is AEPAC contribution tax deductible?

Contributions or gifts to AEPAC are NOT tax deductible since it is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization involved in direct lobbying at the federal and state level.

How much can I contribute?

Individuals may contribute any amount up to $5,000 per calendar year. Any amount in excess of $5,000 per individual may not be accepted and any excess contribution will be immediately refunded to the contributor.

Is the website secure to make donations using various methods of payment?

Yes. AEPAC website is secure and protected. The system does not hold any financial data of donors and contributors. We will only keep your membership information, which includes your name, email, and phone number.

How does AEPAC manage contribution funds and how transparent will it be?

All of the money donated to AEPAC will be used exclusively to pursue the organization’s objectives. AEPAC has a hired a legal firm to manage all contributions and disbursements. AEPAC is audited semi-annually or annually by external auditors as part of the Federal Election Campaign Act (“FECA”) requirements. AEPAC publishes its quarterly financial reports and its audit reports as part of its transparency and accountability commitment.

How does AEPAC use contributed funds?

As mentioned above, AEPAC contributes to senate, house and local election campaigns to candidates who support the mission of AEPAC; supports incumbents, challengers and those running in open-seat Congressional races following the rules and guidelines of FECA. AEPAC as a nonpartisan organization does not endorse any specific individual partisan candidate.

What is the relationship between AEPAC and the Ethiopian government?

AEPAC is an independent organization not affiliated with the Ethiopian Government or any political party in Ethiopia and outside Ethiopia. AEPAC is non-political organization which does not associate with any religious, ideological or ethnic groups.

How can I contact AEPAC?

For General Inquiries: Please email us on or mail us at: AEPAC, PO Box 636, Kennett Square, PA 19348

Can I get Ethiopia news from AEPAC website?

Yes check the website’s “Resource” tab and you can read selective Ethiopian related news and articles.

Where do I follow the latest updates and event announcements on AEPAC?

For information and publications and developments about AEPAC check regularly and follow us on our social media pages on: FaceBook and Twitter