AEPAC’s Statement on UN Commission on Human Rights in Ethiopia’s Report

We are puzzled by the UN Commission on Human Rights in Ethiopia’s report.

It is full of contradictions, there is a desperate lack of data and in a conflict that has impacted tens of millions, they have interviewed just 180 people. Worst still, they failed to interview anyone from Afar, a region devastated by the TPLF insurgency.  

The Commission has also failed to recognize some very basic facts of the conflict already noted by the international community, including the attacks on the Government’s Northern Command military bases by the TPLF on November 4th 2020, an event that was described by the UNDP as an act of war.   

We are also amazed such grand conclusions have been reached, despite the Commissioners repeatedly stating throughout the report more evidence and time is required to investigate.

This is a flawed report, one that fails to address the conflict with any objectivity, and it will further deepen the distrust between the Ethiopian people at home and abroad, as well as peace loving citizens across Africa, and the UN.

Executive Chairman of AEPAC Mesfin Tegenu.