AEPAC’s Response to the “Building on Steps to End the Conflict in Ethiopia” Statement from the Secretary of State

AEPAC Chairman Mesfin Tegenu:

“We welcome Secretary Blinken’s statement and acknowledgment of the efforts the Ethiopian Government is making in the pursuit of peace. We are also reassured by the reference to a unified and sovereign Ethiopia, the TPLF’s attempts to tear the country apart, in the Welkait region and elsewhere, over the past 30 years will not succeed.

While working in the process of bringing peace to the Tigray region of Ethiopia, it is absolutely essential support is provided to the millions in need in Afar and Amhara. Thousands have been killed, tens of thousands displaced and the health system crippled, all at the hands of TPLF forces. The people of those regions need support to rebuild as well.

Even today, the TPLF continues its attacks on innocent civilians with rumours of further build-up of forces on the border with Amhara. If we are to secure peace the United States and the International Community must insist they end the insurgency and lay down their arms.

We also call on Secretary Blinken to investigate emerging reports of criminal actions by the TPLF insurgency against the residents of Tigray, including forcing families to provide fighters, limiting aid to families who can’t, and the continued use of child soldiers. The voices of those residents of Tigray should be heard.”