Response to Ethiopia Peace and Democracy Promotion Act of 2021 Statement from AEPAC Chairman Mesfin Tegenu – March 30, 2022

Last week, following a visit by US Envoy David Satterfield, the Ethiopian Government announced a unilateral and indefinite humanitarian truce. But now, the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations has decided to punish Ethiopia for the hard-earned progress it has made on the path to peace.

“The wide ranging sanctions set out in S3199 will be devastating for Ethiopia and its people. This bill will seriously damage US-Ethiopia relations, hurt American Ethiopians and pose a real risk to US national security by restricting Ethiopia in its efforts to combat Al-Shabab.

The reality today is the TPLF are continuing the conflict by attacking Afar and in doing so is blocking aid to millions. Instead of progressing an out of date and out of touch bill, the US must call on the TPLF to disarm so Ethiopia can start to rebuild and deliver aid to those in need.

AEPAC will continue to engage with US legislators, and all Americans who are friends of Ethiopia, to prevent any actions which contradict our mission of advancing US interests in the Horn of Africa.”