Statement on the TPLF’s Withdrawal – December 22, 2021

The conflict in Ethiopia has reached a critical moment. The TPLF facing defeat has withdrawn deep into Tigray. The destruction, pain and fear they have left behind in Afar, Amhara and parts of Tigray is shocking and it will take many years for Ethiopia to rebuild. The humanitarian challenge now extends across all the Northern regions and there are millions in need.

“The TPLF made a choice to initiate a violent insurrection, to march on Addis Ababa, to rape and kill innocent civilians on the way and to loot humanitarian aid. They tried to steal back power and the people of Ethiopia said “no”.

“Ethiopia’s next steps are important. There is no future in Ethiopia for the TPLF, the leadership must now face justice for their insurrection and crimes that have been committed. The Ethiopian Government must start, with haste, the proposed national dialogue and intensify its work with the African Union’s mediation

team. While there is no future for the TPLF, Tigray as a region needs leadership more than ever and there are numerous other Tigrayan groups who now have the opportunity to step up and help unite the country.

“Our ask of the U.S. is simple. Help us support Ethiopia’s recovery. Reverse the delisting of AGOA, cease punitive sanctions and work with the Ethiopian Government to secure access to humanitarian aid. The U.S. can still be a friend to Ethiopia, though time is running out.”

Mesfin Tegenu, Executive Chairman of AEPAC.