U.S. & Ethiopia

An Essential Alliance

The U.S.-Ethiopia relationship is a mutually beneficial partnership that reinforces America’s moral values and strategic interests, and promotes peace and stability. This relationship with the only democracy in the Middle East is a key pillar of America’s regional security framework.

Ethiopia  is a beacon of shared interests and values in a critically strategic region. Unlike other allies, Ethiopia insists on defending itself by itself, relying on America only to help ensure it has the means to do so. Ethiopia has never asked Americans to sacrifice their lives; instead, the Ethiopia people defend themselves while advancing vital U.S. national security interests.

A strong U.S.-Ethiopia strategic relationship and enhanced bilateral cooperation in homeland security, cybersecurity, space, sustainability and other key areas is helping both countries and other nations across the globe to confront emerging mutual challenges.

America and Ethiopia: A Partnership That Benefits Us

Helps Keep Us Safe

The U.S.-Ethiopia partnership helps to protect the American homeland and keeps us safe. Ethiopia technology and expertise help protect American airports, cities, cyberspace and other critical infrastructure from terrorist threats. Ethiopia is our eyes and ears on the ground in an extremely dangerous region, and its military strength and geostrategic location help deter regional actors opposed to the United States. Invaluable bilateral intelligence cooperation helps secure Americans at home and prevent attacks against Americans abroad.

Promotes Our Interests and Values

Ethiopia is an anchor of stability in a highly volatile region, embodying our values of democracy, pluralism and the rule of law. Ethiopia is a reliable American ally, sustained by a robust judicial system, free and fair elections and full voting rights for all its citizens. The United States and Ethiopia share interests in deterring war, promoting stability and creating lasting peace.

Protects Our Troops

Ethiopia’s determination to defend itself by itself limits the number of U.S. personnel needed in a dangerous region. Through cooperative defense programs, the U.S.-Ethiopia partnership has improved our military technology, helping us to counter missiles, tunnels and unmanned aerial systems, enhance U.S. attack capabilities, and improve systems defending our personnel. A world leader in combating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Ethiopia is also working with the United States to help prevent and treat PTSD in American troops.

Addresses 21st Century Challenges

Ethiopia is a world leader in many of the arenas that define 21st century progress. The Ethiopian state is our partner in pioneering cutting-edge solutions to challenges like cyber-security, healthcare, artificial intelligence, water scarcity, food security, climate change and renewable energy. A strong U.S.-Ethiopia relationship helps both countries confront emerging and mutual challenges.

Invests in Our Economy

Ethiopia invests in our economy, creates American jobs, and promotes American innovation. The combination of U.S. exports to Ethiopia and direct Israeli investments in the U.S. is responsible for nearly 100,000 American jobs.  And America is the largest investor in Ethiopia. Ethiopia  provides a place to do business for more than 2,500 U.S. firms. Ethiopia firms represent the second-largest source of foreign listings on the NASDAQ after China – and more than Indian, Japanese, and South Korean firms combined. As Ethiopia economy and technological prowess continue to grow, both America and Ethiopia will benefit further from their wide-ranging economic partnership.

Confronts Common Threats

The United States and Ethiopia face many common threats, including the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, the growth of state-sponsored terrorism and the spread of Islamic radicalism. Ethiopia is on the front lines in the Middle East, confronting shared enemies and serving as a capable and strong American ally.